Health Plan Cost Comparison

The two biggest questions when purchasing health insurance are: How much does it cost? What do I get? Many people tend to just look at the monthly price to decide what’s affordable. But that’s not the whole picture. A cheaper plan may not cost less in the end if your health care needs aren’t covered.…
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Blessed Thankful Grateful holiday meal

Simple And Healthy Holiday Habits

According to a Consumer Reports article, 35 percent of Americans say what they dread the most about the holidays is weight gain. In reality, however, on average an adult gains about a pound between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Sounds doable, right? Well, shedding that pound is another thing. According to the report, most people fail to…
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Weighing Health Plan Options

The basics Let’s start with clarifying terms used when evaluating high deductible versus traditional health plans: Deductible: amount paid for health services before insurance starts to cover costs. This amount does not include premium costs, copays or excluded services. Premium: annual cost paid to have insurance coverage, typically paid in monthly installments. Out-of-Pocket cost: money…
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Preventive Vs. Diagnostic Services

There is a lot of confusion surrounding preventive and diagnostic services. Preventive services are ordered by a doctor to help prevent you from getting sick. A flu shot is one example of a preventive service. Diagnostic services are ordered by a doctor to help diagnose what is causing your specific symptoms. An example of a…
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What Are Diagnostic Services?

Diagnostic services are medical care you receive when a doctor is treating or diagnosing your symptoms. Common examples of diagnostic health care services include: • X-rays on an injured foot • Lab work to monitor iron deficiency levels • Sleep study to see if symptoms could be caused by sleep apnea Here is a video…
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