Preventive Vs. Diagnostic Services

There is a lot of confusion surrounding preventive and diagnostic services. Preventive services are ordered by a doctor to help prevent you from getting sick. A flu shot is one example of a preventive service. Diagnostic services are ordered by a doctor to help diagnose what is causing your specific symptoms. An example of a…
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What Are Diagnostic Services?

Diagnostic services are medical care you receive when a doctor is treating or diagnosing your symptoms. Common examples of diagnostic health care services include: • X-rays on an injured foot • Lab work to monitor iron deficiency levels • Sleep study to see if symptoms could be caused by sleep apnea Here is a video…
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What Are Preventive Services?

Preventive services are things like vaccinations, tests and screenings that you receive to help you stay healthy. Common examples of preventive health care services include routine screenings or tests recommended by your doctor before you begin displaying symptoms. Getting your annual flu shot is another example of a preventive service you receive to help you…
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Understanding Back Pain

What’s behind happier employees? In part, healthy spines. With a focus on back health, HealthyBlue is now offering a workshop on understanding what causes back pain, as well as how to treat and prevent it. Work shouldn’t hurt Back pain is one of the most common work-related injuries and is often caused by ordinary work…
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4 Tips To Kick Swimmer’s Itch

While swimmer’s itch is more prevalent in the southern states, there are still bodies of freshwater nearby that regularly host the tiny parasites that cause swimmer’s itch. (EEP!) Don’t be alarmed. While swimmer’s itch can be irritating, it’s rarely serious and never contagious. Humans are not suitable hosts, so the parasites quickly die. According to…
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