We’re Serious. We’re Really Listening

Why does health insurance cost so much? We can explain it, but we can’t fix it without you. Over the last several months we have heard from 13,000 of you – and your number one concern is the cost of health care. Here’s a the big overview explanation.

I’m worried about the high costs too. Keeping my four boys healthy is no cheap endeavor. My kids are no strangers to the doctor’s office. So here’s a question for you – How many of you have ever asked your doctor or health care provider, “How much is this costing me?” I never have – shame on me. But, it’s easy not to bother, isn’t it?  Using your insurance card can feel like using a credit card. You really don’t see how much you are spending until you get the bill – your health care premium.

So – You asked and we responded. Now, it’s your turn. Let us know what you think. Tell us what you think. Really. It’s open mic. We’re still listening.