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2 Responses

  1. ruth

    Why are providers allowed to not accept BCBS of ND when so many have that as insurance–if a clinic or provider provide service to North Dakota population, why wont they accept the most widely used insurance in the state–isnt there something in the business world that would check up on these “businesses”?

  2. BCBSND participating providers agree to accept BCBSND payment rates for services, along with member cost share, as payment in full. BCBSND negotiates payment rates with providers that are often below their charges. BCBSND passes this discount on to its members. As a result, premiums and member cost shares are lower than if they would have had to pay the provider’s charges. Providers may decline to participate and bill the patient the full charge for services. BCBSND cannot force providers to participate and accept our rates.

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