How Will Health Care Reform Impact Me?

One question we keep hearing from members, neighbors, friends and family members is how health care reform and the Supreme Court’s ruling will impact them. There is no easy answer to that because the answer will vary depending upon the person, their coverage and what the Supreme Court ultimately decides. But below are some resources from the Kaiser Family Foundation, CNN and ProPublica to help you navigate the maze that is health care reform and the Supreme Court:

  • Here is an interactive explainer of how health care reform will work. Some parts of the new law, such as allowing parents to add adult children up to age 26 onto their insurance policies, have already taken effect. Others, such as online health exchanges where consumers will be able to purchase insurance, have yet to be implemented.
  • How does the government plan to make me buy insurance? Here’s a breakdown of the individual mandate, requiring that most American have health insurance.
  • How will the Supreme Court’s ruling impact health reform? The Supreme Court could either uphold the entire reform law, repeal the whole thing, or keep some, but not all parts of the legislation (such as striking down the individual mandate, but keeping other portions intact).
  • How will the Supreme Court rule and when will we know? The Supreme Court appears to be nearly evenly divided along ideological lines and the final decision could be by a 5-4 vote. It is possible that the Supreme Court justices have already made their decision, but the final ruling isn’t expected to be released until late June. Here is a graphic showing the possible ways the Supreme Court could rule in the case.

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