Who Are The ‘Queens Of Colonoscopy’?

New print and TV ads from Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Dakota have helped four care providers at the Family Medical Clinic in Lisbon, N.D., gain a measure of notoriety. The “Queens of Colonoscopy” ads highlight BCBSND’s MediQHome program and how the program notifies medical providers when patients are in need of life-saving preventive screenings, such as colonoscopies. Watch the Queens of Colonoscopy TV ad here.

This ad has been running in publications statewide.

Colonoscopies are not procedures most people enjoy talking about, but the quirky ads, which were produced by Flint Communications, have increased awareness of the importance of timely screenings. The stars of the ads are also being approached by patients at the clinic and strangers on the street to talk about the ads. Those conversations are also helping to lead to more awareness about MediQHome.

One patient even brought the Queens of Colonoscopy a large bouquet of flowers with princess tiaras and the medications needed to prep for a colonoscopy. The flower arrangement has been displayed at the clinic for others to see.

The stars of the ads pose with a bouquet they received from a patient.

The Family Medical Clinic in Lisbon uses MediQHome as a tool to improve patient care. Each morning, patient reports from MediQHome are pulled and added to patient charts to help compare the patient’s health over time and indicate next steps. MediQHome’s reports also help the clinic track diabetes numbers and identify patients in need of follow-up care or screenings.

What do you think of the Queens of Colonoscopy ads? Do you think they’re funny?

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