The Hula Hoop: Your Secret Weight Loss Weapon!

By Najla Amundson

Last night I hula hooped.

In front of 400 of my colleagues, their families, and my boss.

I know. What was I thinking? Do you know anyone who can hula hoop gracefully?

Yeah. Me neither.

The only reason I did it was… I was at my company sponsored 5k event last night – and it happened to include a hula hoop station set up with timers… and I happened to be there with my 9-year-old son who happened to insist that I hula hoop with him.

Jonika Howard, daughter of Lori Howard, corporate wellness team leader at BCBSND, hula hoooped for 50 minutes, claiming the title of Hula Hoop Master.

Thirteen minutes later, when the hoop finally (and thankfully) fell off my waist, I was sweaty, sore, exhausted… and surprisingly energized. Not to mention, pretty dang proud of my mid-40ish self.

So this morning, when I got to work, I got to thinking, “I wonder if that hula hooping did me any good?”

I am happy to report – IT DID! It DOES! You can hula hoop your way to not only a whittled down waist, but a better mood! There are so many sites that offer you exercise routines  – I even found a blog for hooping devotees called

Here are the benefits:

  1. Improved cardiovascular endurance & stamina
  2. Core and muscle strength
  3. Positive emotional health
  4. Proper back and joint function

I didn’t know this either, but there are all types of hula hoops you can buy – like weighted ones.

An added benefit to all this for me was — my son was incredibly impressed with my hula hooping ability. It’s not too often a mom can impress her 9-year-old.

Najla Amundson is public relations manager at Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Dakota.