Discussion On School Lunches: Lively And Somewhat Heated

By Denise Pinkney
Earlier this month, we posted a link to a news story from The Forum about new nutritional rules that affect the school lunch program on our Facebook page. We asked for your opinion. And you responded. Some of you didn’t like the government telling schools what to feed your children. Others thought the government should encourage kids to eat more fruits and veggies.

New nutritional rules affect school lunches.

Tammy Hirning Owens wrote that the government is “overstepping their bounds.”

Abby Gold wrote that she thinks kids will “step up to the plate.” She says if kids are fed whole grains, fruits and veggies that they will learn to like them – that we need to offer kids good, healthy, wholesome food and stop “trying to retrofit chicken nuggets and pancakes into something “healthy.”

And others like Larry Heitkamp were not as pleased with the government’s action. He questioned whether the government was controlled by corporate interests. “Are schools actually preparing lunches from fresh ingredients or does pretty much everything still come off the Sysco truck?” he asked.

Others expressed appreciation that school lunches exist. Maureen Barrett Sheehan pointed out that there are “many children in my school whose parents are struggling to pay the rent, tuition and keep clothes on their children. The free lunch and breakfast programs are a godsend.”

You can read all 34 comments in their entirety on our Facebook page.

In general, we believe whether kids eat at school or at home that it’s important they get balanced nutrition. Looking for ideas for healthy snacks and meals, or for preparing meals on a budget? Check out ChooseMyPlate.gov.

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Denise Pinkney is an editor in the Communications department at Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Dakota.