Hoax Message On Medicare Rate Hike

So, in our last post, we did a little fact checking on the health insurance numbers used during the presidential debate. Today, we’ve got another tidbit for you – this one about an email titled “a Message from Blue Cross Blue Shield” that says Medicare Part B rates are going up considerably in 2014.

It’s not true.

Well, first of all, the message did not come from Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Dakota or any officially licensed Blue Cross Blue Shield organization.

Second, the only organization that sets premiums for Medicare is the government – The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS). They have a section on their website explaining how premiums are set. If you want information on Medicare Part B premiums, you should call CMS at 1-800-MEDICARE or go to medicare.gov

The Boston Globe did a story on the hoax back in April. There is also another posting from a website that sniffs our rumors – Snopes.com, which published a blog entry on the same topic.

The Internet is a great tool most of the time – but if you find something that smells a little fishy, check it out using these helpful websites dedicated to sniffing out hoaxes: Snopes, Hoax Slayer and Hoax Busters.

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