Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Dakota to partner with West Acres on new play area

By Ryan Schuster

Have you ever felt like you needed a little break while out shopping? Maybe the kids are getting antsy and want to run around and you need a little brain break.

Early next month an improved new indoor playground will be unveiled at Fargo’s West Acres Shopping Center. The new playground, which will be sponsored by Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Dakota (BCBSND), will provide children and their parents with an improved indoor play experience that will be more accessible for younger children in a bright, renovated and more inviting space. Today, BCBSND and West Acres announced the new mall play area sponsorship and the future Recess West play area. Alternative activities will be provided for children to stay active at the mall while the play area is under construction.

The U.S. childhood obesity rate has more than doubled since 1980. More than a third of North Dakota kids are classified as being overweight or obese, according to government statistics.

Recess West is one part of a BCBSND effort to promote, advocate and support healthy living for all North Dakotans. BCBSND is The Official Sponsor of Recess. We support opportunities for daily activity breaks — or recess — for North Dakotans of all ages. “The play area is for kids, but recess is for everyone,” BCBSND President and CEO Paul von Ebers said. “It’s important for all of us to find time in our day for a break — whether it’s a 15-minute walk around your workplace, or a physical activity break for kids in the classroom or a simple family outing.”

What do you think of the former dinosaur-themed playland at West Acres? What would you like to see in the new play area?

Ryan Schuster is an editor in the Communications department at Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Dakota.

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