Cherie & Katie’s story: How we helped in family’s time of need

By Ryan Schuster

Cherie Jensen was on the liver transplant list when she received the ultimate gift of love from her family. Cherie’s daughter, Nikki, offered to be a liver donor to help her mom, but Cherie was hesitant, worrying about her daughter’s health. She finally relented after her son in law’s mother volunteered to be a donor as well.

It was a tense time as the family went through the process and Cherie and mother in law Katie Luther went to separate operating rooms for the liver transplant. The transplant was a success and Cherie’s liver function has returned to normal thanks to her family.

The challenging and emotional time for the family was made a little easier by Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Dakota’s Member Advocacy Program, which helped the family through the process. Member Advocate Specialist Tracey Compson coordinated medical bills and insurance benefits and worked with medical facilities to make sure claims were processed correctly. We made sure that paperwork was the last thing the family had to worry about during this trying time.

“I never had to worry about what was covered and what wasn’t,” Cherie said. “I just worked with Tracey and I knew what was going on.”

Our Member Advocacy Program helps families navigate complex medical conditions by providing a personal touch and a dedicated specialist to help them sort through everything and answer their questions, as well as ensuring that their medical bills and insurance benefits are processed correctly.

Ryan Schuster is an editor in the Communications department at Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Dakota.

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