The Benefits Of An Active Workplace

If you’re like me, you sit at a desk at work for most of the workday. Not only is physical inactivity not good for you, it may actually be endangering your health, the health of your workers and costing you money in lost productivity.

Sitting for more than six hours per day increases your risk of dying within the next 15 years by as much as 40 percent compared to someone who sits for less than three hours a day, according to the Medical Billing & Coding website. Sedentary lifestyles, or the lack of physical activity, increases your risk factors for being overweight or obese, cardiovascular disease, cancers and unhealthy levels of blood glucose, insulin and blood fat.

A National Cancer Institute study found that walking briskly for 75 minutes per week adds nearly two years to your life expectancy. Exercise and fitness can also help improve workplace productivity. A study published in the Population Health Management journal found that employees who rarely exercised had a 50 percent higher risk of low productivity in the workplace. One calculator estimates that physical inactivity is costing North Dakota employers more than $800 million a year in lost productivity.

Want to help make your workplace healthier, help your employees live healthier and longer times and improve your productivity? Consider attending North Dakota’s premier workplace wellness event. The Healthy North Dakota Worksite Wellness Summit will be held at the Fargo Holiday Inn on Tuesday, October 8. It’s not too late to register and attend this great event.

The summit is put on by Healthy North Dakota Worksite Wellness, which was launched in 2009 by Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Dakota, the Dakota Medical Foundation and the North Dakota Department of Health. As The Official Sponsor of Recess, Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Dakota supports opportunities for North Dakotans of all ages to get active and healthy.

Ryan Schuster is an editor in the Communications department at Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Dakota.

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