Automated Phone System Helping Doctors

We recently launched a new automated phone system to support doctor’s offices, clinics and hospitals communicate with us in a more efficiently. Our new Provider Self Service automated phone system allows health care providers 24-7 access to member eligibility, cost sharing and claim status information without having to wait on hold for an operator. The new service helps us and doctors conserve resources and save time.

“It’s by far the best system that I’ve used and I use them a lot daily verifying insurance,” said Stephanie Beaty of Coram Healthcare, who has used the new automated phone system. “It was super quick and easy. I was able to get my information in just a few minutes, just going through the menu.”

Health care providers also like being able to get 24-7 access to patient info and claims data.

“It was easy to use. I like having after-hours access,” said Teresa Davidson of Rapid City Regional Rehabilitation. “I like that you can type in the numbers on the phone. Sometimes there is so much background noise in the office that the computer has a hard time understanding what you’re saying.”

Reduced wait times
By offering health care professionals access to an automated phone system for these functions, we are able to reduce the wait times for those calling in to talk with operators and conserve employee resources to better use our members’ premium dollars.

Ryan Schuster is an editor in the Communications department at Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Dakota.