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Runners have a number of things to consider when preparing for a run. Proper preparation, diet and an effective training plan are all essential. But it is also important for expert runners and novices alike to select running shoes that fit their running style and regimen.

Choosing the right shoes that fit your feet and provide the right amount of cushioning and support can help improve your performance and prevent injury. If you’re training or planning to compete in a running event, make sure to check your shoes for signs of wear and tear, inside and out. Don’t forget to select running shoes, not cross trainers or basketball shoes that are designed for running.

Watch a video with some tips for selecting running shoes that work for you and your workout routine.

Here are some more tips to help you select your next pair of running shoes:

  1. Make sure they fit
    Make sure the shoes provide enough cushioning, support and fit properly.
  1. Try on a few pairs of shoes before buying
    Don’t buy the first pair of shoes you try on. You should try on several different pairs of shoes before deciding. Be careful not to make your decision solely based on how the shoes look or if they are a particular brand.
  1. Seek out a knowledgeable salesperson
    Some stores employ running experts as salespeople. Ask the salesperson some questions to help find the right shoes for your running plan and situation.

Ryan Schuster is an editor in the Communications department at Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Dakota.

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    It may be a much more challenging in order to choose when you have in order to
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    Nevertheless, locating the blend of comfort and also great looks is not consistently simple as is actually today’s
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