How Do I Find Out What Insurance Covers And How Much I Owe?










We send Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Dakota (BCBSND) members an Explanation of Benefits form (also known as an EOB), in the mail after they receive medical care. EOBs, which you can also sign up to receive electronically, include important information about how your medical claims were processed.

EOBs explain where and when you received medical care with your insurance coverage, how much of the original claim your insurance will take care of, and the remaining out-of-pocket amount that you owe the health care facility. We recommend that members compare their EOBs and medical bills to make sure they match. If there are discrepancies or you have questions, you can always call the phone number on the back of your BCBSND ID card or your medical provider.

This short video explains what an EOB is and how you can track your health expenses.

Your paper EOB will show the amount your insurance coverage reduced your out-of-pocket total. EOBs will also show how your deductibles, coinsurance and copayment levels may impact your medical bill.

Here’s a complete breakdown of how to read your EOB. Here’s an explanation of what common insurance terms like coinsurance and copayment mean.

Let us know if you have any questions. We’re here to help.

Ryan Schuster is an editor in the Communications department at Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Dakota.