What Is A Copay?

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Health insurance can be confusing. We’re here to help. Here’s an explanation of an often misunderstood health insurance term and what it means.

A COPAYMENT, or a copay, is a set amount you pay when receiving medical care. Patients are often asked to pay a copay when arriving for a doctor’s appointment, or seeking other medical care.

The amount of your copay is listed on your Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Dakota ID card. Copay amounts vary depending on the type of service received and the specifics of your health insurance plan. For example, some members have a different copay amount for doctor’s appointment than for visits to the emergency room.

After paying your copay, you may still be required to pay a deductible and coinsurance (or a percentage of the remaining balance).

Please call the phone number on the back of your ID card if you have any questions.

Ryan Schuster is an editor in the Communications department at Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Dakota.