Four Week 5K Training Plan To Get You Off The Couch

Sometimes when people are looking to start getting in shape, they need a little nudge to get them off the couch and start getting active.

If this sounds like you, you should consider running or walking a 5K. Seriously.

A three-mile race can seem daunting at first, but signing up for a 5K can also serve as that little motivation that you need to kick start an exercise program.

Here is a short video with some training tips to help you prepare for a 5K.

The great thing about a 5K is that it offers something for serious runners, semi-serious runners and novices alike. You can choose to either run or walk a 5K, and if you start running and have to stop and walk part way through that’s fine, too. If you’re running or walking your first 5K, be sure to take it slow and enjoy the experience and sense of accomplishment that comes along with it.

Think it’s too late to register and run or walk in the May 8 Fargo Marathon Friday Night Tailgate 5K? Think again.

Here’s a four-week training plan for a guide to help you train for a 5K:

This plan was designed for someone planning to take turns running and walking a 5K. Feel free to modify this plan and spend more or less time running to suit your needs and race goals.

While you are training to run or walk a 5K, you don’t have to spend all your training time running or walking. It’s fine to add in cross training with other activities such as biking, an elliptical or rowing machine, strength training or a circuit course. Taking a break from running or walking will help to keep your mind and body fresh, while working different parts of your body.

Good luck. Remember, no matter how difficult it seems or how slow you think you’re going, you’re still lapping everyone on the couch!

Ryan Schuster is an editor in the Communications department at Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Dakota.