10 Reasons Running Will Make You A Better, More Attractive Person

Whether you love it or hate it, running and jogging are about the most efficient ways to get healthy, lose weight and look and feel your best.

If you haven’t taken up running, here’s 10 super legitimate reasons you should.

#1 Despite what you think, nobody is paying attention to you.

Nervous Runner

Unless you actually look like this guy, nobody is going to notice you.

If you’re the self-conscious type, don’t worry. When you’re running in a race with thousands of other people, nobody is judging you but yourself. Whether you’re at the front of the pack, in the middle, or back of the pack, concentrate on how awesome it’s going to feel to get to the finish line. You will get there.

#2 Post-race snacks.

Photo © EPG_Eurographics/Shutterstock
Right after you receive your medal, step in line for some food to refuel. Pizza, bagels, fruit, chocolate milk, most races make sure their runners go home energized and ready to sign up for another race. Photo © EPG_Eurographics/Shutterstock

#3 Blisters are the well-earned scars of a running warrior.

Earn bragging rights for best blister.
Earn bragging rights for best blister.

It’s a thing. Runners talk about bodily injuries, including bleeding nipples, chafed armpits, and some even compare foot blisters and dead toenails.

#4 You’ll get addicted, in a healthy, wholesome way.

runners high

This runner is high on health.

While running isn’t always fun when you’re actually doing it, the runner’s high is a real thing, and it keeps people motivated to train.

#5 It doesn’t matter how fast you go; it matters that you finish.

Snails are No. 1 in patience.
Snails are No. 1 in patience.

Lots of people refuse to run in group races because they aren’t “real runners.” Turns out, if you can move your feet forward at a pace slightly faster than a brisk walk, you’re actually running!

#6: You get to enjoy the great outdoors.

Because nature!
Because nature!

Fargo is really pretty this time of year.

It’s spring, the trees are green, flowers are budding, the temperature is just right for running or walking a few miles with friends by your side. If you start to sweat, remember: It’s just your fat melting away!

#7 Jam out to your favorite tunes.

music runner

Go ahead, that ABBA playlist is all yours.

Whether you’re an “Eye of the Tiger” person or “Who Runs the World” person, get that playlist set up to motivate you mile after mile.

#8 Get out of your comfort zone.


If it was easy, everyone would do it.

If running, fitness and being healthy was easy, everyone would do it. Extending out of your comfort zone strengthens your mind, body and improves your self-esteem.

#9 You can run 3 miles in 30 minutes and get more than 6,000 steps in for the day.

Stay on track with your tracker.
Stay on track with your tracker.

Turbocharge your fitness goals for the day.

If you use a fitness tracker, that’s equivalent 60 percent of your steps goal for the day and achieved much faster than normal.

#10 Because running changes you.

Jena Johnson TI (CROPPED)

Jena Johnson committed to a 5K a few years ago. Today, she’s 100 pounds lighter, an avid distance runner and keeps moving in honor of one little girl who cannot.

Read Jena’s transformation here.

Lonna Whiting is an editor in the Communications department at Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Dakota.