Fargo Marathon 5K Hero Run Recap

More than 7,000 runners and walkers took part in the 2016 Fargo Marathon 5K Hero Run on May 20.

Some were running to finish near the front of the pack or improve their personal best time. Others were just out for a fun jog or walk with family and friends.

Parents and grandparents ran or walked with their kids and grandchildren. Some moms even pushed young children in strollers.

Parents pushing young children in strollers was a common sight at the 5K.

5K Heroes
This year’s 5K was dedicated to community heroes. To us, the participants and those who came to cheer them on are the real heroes for taking steps to adopt or encourage health lifestyles.

Many families took part in the 5K together.

Unlike a full 26.2-mile marathon, a 3.1-mile 5K is much more approachable, allowing runners and novices alike the chance to get out and go for a run or a walk with friends and neighbors. Many runners start out running a 5K, before later moving on to running a 10K, half, or full marathon.

Taking steps to improve your health
We enjoyed sponsoring the 5K again with Discovery Benefits and helping to support the Shoes for Kids program that donates new running shoes to Fargo area elementary schools.

Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Dakota and Discovery Benefits co-sponsored the 5K.

The Fargo Marathon 5K Hero Run is a great example that anyone can take steps to improve their health and physical fitness.

Have you ever competed in a 5K? What steps are you taking to improve your health?

Running Motivation

• One of our employees is inspired to run by a little hero with autism.
• Another draws inspiration from running with her dog.
• Another employee was inspired to walk the 5K with coworkers after beating breast cancer.
• Here are 10 reasons to start running.

Ryan Schuster is an editor in the Communications department at Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Dakota.