Coverage At Home And Away

More than ever, North Dakotans want choices—including their health coverage. From finding a primary care physician to getting care if you’re sick or injured while away, we have you covered.

Check out this infographic of the advantages of our wide network .

As you can see, chances are good that you’ll find your doctor on the network, since the majority participate. Plus, if you’d like to see a new physician, use our Find a Doctor tool, which allows you to:

  • Find North Dakota doctors and hospitals by name, specialty, specific medical symptom or procedure
  • Find out-of-state doctors

Speaking of out-of-state health care needs, or if you’d like to see a new provider, keep in mind our BlueCard program.

This program allows you to choose a Blue Cross Blue Shield provider anywhere in the United States. It’s handy for members who live outside of their Blue Cross Blue Shield service area. Members receive the same provider discounts as in-state residents, and more than 85 percent of health care providers and hospitals across the United States participate with a Blue Cross Blue Shield plan.

This wide network of options makes BCBSND an excellent option for health coverage.