Behind The Scenes Work On Your Behalf

A lot happens in health care that’s behind the scenes. You don’t always see it or hear about it, but it impacts how health care is delivered. BlueAlliance is something you may not hear about, but it’s helping to curb the rising costs of health care while delivering benefits to your health.

What is it?
BlueAlliance is a partnership between BCBSND and a provider that mostly happens behind the scenes, but you’ll notice small changes in the way your doctor offers care—especially with primary and preventive care. In this partnership, BCBSND supports your primary care provider in their efforts to improve health outcomes, provide better care experiences and contain health care costs.

How does it work?
Both BCBSND and health providers bring important pieces to make this partnership work for our members. To make BlueAlliance successful, BCBSND provides:

  • Health intelligence about trends and risks for North Dakotans. We share data and insights with providers to better care for populations across the state with focused care programs and screenings.
  • Support for providers as they transition to quality-based care as opposed to the traditional volume-based care models.

In addition to their wealth of expertise, medical providers bring these valuable tools to BlueAlliance:

  • Primary care, building a relationship with members to understand their health needs and history for better health care decisions.
  • Preventive care for proactive health screenings, immunizations and regular check-ups.
  • Navigation assistance to members to gain access to needed specialists and care programs.

What are the results?
By combining forces, BlueAlliance benefits BCBSND members with:

  • More proactive and preventive health care
  • Better coordination and efficiency of care between medical providers and insurance
  • Improved health outcomes
  • Care based on value, not volume

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