Why Strength Training Is A Must For You—Yes You

Who needs strength training, anyway?

We all do, actually.

Without regular exercise, people lose bone and muscle strength every year. But, adding simple strength training into your daily routine can help reverse that trend.

In fact, it can make your body stronger and more efficient, even when you’re at rest. And our Wellness Education team can get you started. If your workplace uses a BCBSND health plan, you can request this, or any topic they offer.

“Strength Training: No gym? No problem”
“Strength Training: No gym? No problem” helps people add simple strength training into their daily lives. The 30-minute live session can be delivered in person or via webinar.

You and your co-workers will learn how to work all muscle groups and take advantage of movements from your everyday life. You’ll discover simple, practical activities like countertop push-ups, grocery bag lifts and squats and lunges.

Gain the benefits of strength training
Whether you sit at a desk or move around all day, you and your colleagues can reap the benefits of strength training. These include things like more energy, increased metabolism, better bone density and more.

Talk to your company’s HR person or contact us to help you—and your colleagues—become stronger.

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