Listening To Her Heart: One Woman’s Journey From At-risk To Heart-healthy

By Lonna Whiting Ten months ago, Valley City resident Tracey Compson, then 43, was overweight, taking medication for high blood pressure and cholesterol. “I was sluggish,” she says. “And tired of feeling tired and out of shape.” Like many women, Tracey was inundated with social media ads touting the latest low-carb miracle diet, whatever-fits-in-this-container-you-can-eat plan,…
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Noridian Employees Lace Up For Frostival 2016 Almost 3K

By Lonna Whiting It wasn’t the camels that stole the show on Saturday at the Red River Zoo. It was the more than 80 runners and walkers who showed up to slip and slide their way around the Frostival 2016 Almost 3K course, which was cosponsored by BCBSND. Several Noridian employees from the Fargo area…
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Lonna Frostival 2

I’m Going To Frostival And Here’s Why You Should, Too

Unlike most North Dakotans, I don’t complain about the cold. In fact, I usually tell people to take a chill pill about the wind chill. Get down with layering up. Shivering is just the cold keeping you awake. OK, so that last one is a stretch. But if you read a recent BCBSND blog I…
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Cervical Cancer Carousel image

Why Women And Men Should Be Aware Of HPV

Thirty years ago, cervical cancer was one of the most common causes of cancer death for American women. All women are still at risk for cervical cancer, yet now, cervical cancer death rates are down by more than 50 percent due in part to better screenings and the HPV vaccine, according to the US Department…
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12-1-15 winter driving stranded ORIGINAL

When It Comes To Driving In Winter Weather, Gut Instinct And Common Sense Must Be Friends

When It Comes To Driving In Winter Weather, Gut Instinct And Common Sense Must Be Friends As North Dakotans, we’re no stranger to driving in extreme winter weather conditions. Blizzards, life-threatening wind chills and road closures force us to be prepared, use common sense and take mom’s well-meant advice to pack a winter survival kit.…
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