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Why “Just Quit” Isn’t A Healthy Way To Quit Unhealthy Habits

If something is harming your health, why not just stop? If you’ve ever tried to kick a bad habit, you know it’s far from that simple. Why? Habits stick because of how they develop and how they trigger our brain’s reward centers. The good news? By changing behaviors, we can rewire our brains and drop…
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Jan. 1 Coverage Deadline Extended – Enroll By Dec. 19

The federal Marketplace has extended its deadline to enroll in health care coverage starting January 1, 2017. This means you have until December 19 to enroll in a health insurance plan that will begin in the New Year. Don’t miss out To make it easy for you, Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Dakota is…
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Six Reasons To Choose BCBSND

Working for your health Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Dakota is dedicated to delivering affordable solutions for North Dakotans to improve your care and health through: 1. Increased access Health plans only work if you can see your doctor and get the care needed. BCBSND has increased North Dakotans access to health care with: 99.6%…
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The Health Plan Guide To Help Decide

Make it simple Getting the most out of your health insurance begins with picking the right plan for your needs. To simplify the selection process, you can use: Agents Insurance agents will discuss health and financial needs to identify health plans that may work best for you. Find a local agent to guide you. A decision…
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Health Plan Cost Comparison

The two biggest questions when purchasing health insurance are: How much does it cost? What do I get? Many people tend to just look at the monthly price to decide what’s affordable. But that’s not the whole picture. A cheaper plan may not cost less in the end if your health care needs aren’t covered.…
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