Treating Chronic Conditions

Did you know that chronic conditions like diabetes account for 75 percent of health care spending in the U.S.? Find out what Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Dakota is doing to help prevent and treat those chronic conditions and keep North Dakotans healthier.  

Save Money With Generic Prescription Drugs

A trip to the doctor can be costly, but you can save money by using generic prescription drugs. So, what do you think of using generics to save money?

How Is My Premium Spent?

We know health care insurance isn’t cheap – but do you know how your premium dollars are spent? Suprised? Not? What do you think? We’re still listening.

We’re Serious. We’re Really Listening

Why does health insurance cost so much? We can explain it, but we can’t fix it without you. Over the last several months we have heard from 13,000 of you – and your number one concern is the cost of health care. Here’s a the big overview explanation. I’m worried about the high costs too.…
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